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    Expert design that drives real results

    To compete in the attention economy, you need a trusted design partner. Between the accelerating pace of technology and rapidly rising customer expectations, your organization needs to provide a consistent, coherent, and delightful user experience.

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    our process

    How we structure our engagements to deliver return on investment.

    At Selma Digital, we make sure we understand the nuances of your business, industry, and customers. Propelling your organization towards growth is our north star.

    1. Plan

    We define project goals collaboratively with our clients, understanding the context of the project and expected outcomes. Typical outputs during this phase include interviews, workshops, and competitive analysis.

    2. Frame

    We use audience and competitive research to ground our plans in the real world and unearth user insights.

    3. Design

    Illustrations of design concepts are taken from low-fidelity to high-fidelity, while testing which solutions resonate with users and business stakeholders. We then refine concepts and visuals into a templated design system.

    4. Optimize

    Before we finalize our concepts, we validate them one more time through soft launches and further user testing.

    5. Deliver

    Functional design specifications, assets, and documentation are delivered to stakeholders and technology teams. During development, we support your team to ensure that the user experience is fully realized.

    6. Scale

    We partner with you to help your digital ecosystem grow along with your business, platforms, or customer base.

    Grow your customer base, drive awareness, and increase retention.

    Not every organization needs a full internal design team. In fact, it can be risky to hire someone without the right experience.

    With our extensive knowledge of both design and technology, you can feel confident that Selma Digital will define and execute the right solution for your business needs.

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    Frequently asked questions:

    How long does this process take?

    Projects range in length, typically from 4 weeks to 6+ months. The length of the process depends on the size and scope of the project. If you have a launch date in mind, we ensure the project is scoped to meet the launch.

    How involved does my team need to be?

    Historically, we’ve achieved the best outcomes when we partner closely with our clients. This is because we’re able to stay closely aligned in our goals, even as priorities shift. We always adopt the working style of our company partner, whether regular conversations or asynchronous working is preferred. We may ask that client stakeholders and team subject matter experts participate in workshops in order to make sure the product experience aligns to the ideal user experience.

    At the start of each engagement, we take busy schedules into account to create a clear project plan with expectations around meetings, workshops, communication channels, and reviews.

    What if I don’t have a product or website yet?

    That is no problem -- we are adept at helping founders create MVP solutions and first-launch sites, leveraging our proven design process.

    What if I don’t have a technology team?

    We’d be happy to help match you with a team that has the right expertise for your project, as we have an extensive network of technology specialists.

    Can you explain your design process a little more?

    Yes! We are design consultants, and we try to match processes and methods to best meet the needs of our client’s businesses. Whether we’re doing experience design, branding, visual design, or design strategy, we generally go through the same process, but may perform different tasks in each phase depending on the project.

    First, we get to know you, your business, your audience, your needs, your team. We empathize with the audience, performing various research tasks to best hypothesize their pain points and needs. This helps us frame the project and further define the best plan of action.

    Next, we ideate with you and your team. Whether we’re writing scenarios for a new product or enhancement, or creating moodboards for a new brand and website aesthetic, we look at options and play with ideas to come up with creative solutions. We may pick a direction together, edit, refine, do some user testing or preference testing, and edit again.

    Finally, we document our solutions, preparing for use by your technology team or marketing team. We support with design QA in the development process, and support efforts to further aid in adoption and scale.

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