Personal financial management & education application

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  • 1 UX Designer
  • 1 UI Designer
  • Product
  • Design
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  • Product Research
  • Product Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual and Identity Design
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  • B2B FinTech
  • Financial Education
  • 18 Months

As research shows, empowering people to access financial management tools can alleviate stress. With reduced stress, people are happier at work, leading to increased workplace productivity.

When one of the world’s most notable accounting firms needed to create a mobile app to accompany their financial education and personal financial management software, the team at Selma Digital supported the process from concept and strategy to design, testing, and handoff.

Selma Digital collaborated with the Product Team and Financial Planning team to design an application that would be provided as a benefit to workplace employees. The app was a mobile accompaniment to a more comprehensive web-based financial planning tool. The companion app allows users to manage their personal finances, track their budget and savings, and educates them about how to spend wiser and save smarter. Currently available in the iOS App store and Android Marketplace, the app is being used by millions of employees nationwide.

Hands on a laptop showing the product's homepage

How did the team define the strategy and scope of the product?

Our team worked with the client for a number of months on the responsive website, which enabled users to manage their finances, plan financial goals, and connect with a dedicated financial advisor. The client wanted a more “on the go” experience for the app. One that enabled users to manage their finances and learn how to be smarter with their money. Leveraging the personas of our key audience members, we defined jobs to be done that the application would support. These key jobs and the narratives helped define the scope of the app, which translated into a user experience framework. Additional user testing around UX framework and content testing helped define the product as we moved through the phases of design.

Mobile App Deliverables:

  • 100+ Screens to visualize mobile application details and flows
  • Prototypes of all flows and states
  • UI Kit


The app has been in market for 6+ years, and it continues to be used by countless individuals who receive access to the app as a benefit of their workplace. The client also continues to sell the product to Fortune 500 businesses nationwide.