Flexible, custom marketing website

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  • Marketing Team, VP Product, CTO
  • Design Strategy
  • Digital identity Design
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  • Custom Website Development
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  • FinTech
  • 9 Months

YCharts is well-known in the financial industry for their easy-to-use charting and research software.

They approached Selma Digital with a need to redefine their marketing website in a way that more closely aligns with their product, that’s easy to modify and change, all within a flexible CMS Framework.

We collaborated with their Marketing team to tell YCharts’ brand story in a fresh way, delivered via a fully custom, modular WordPress responsive website. With subtle animation and parallax scrolling, the experience is immersive and helps direct users to the most relevant information for them.

Woman's hands on a laptop showing the website's homepage

How did we elevate and create an updated brand identity on top of the existing product?

To help YCharts marketing identity soar to new heights, we leveraged the product’s full color system and a font that was bold and attention-grabbing. Thinking about metaphors for research and the complexity of the financial world, we created a graphic system to use throughout the site. This included background styles, secondary elements, and icons. To ensure the updated visuals were cohesive across channels, we provided style recommendations for social media graphics and blog post imagery.

Two people pointing at a laptop screen and mobile device displaying website's homepage

How did we create a modular website that’s easy to customize, and bring it to life?

While we explored YCharts visual identity we also helped restructure the information architecture for how the site would be organized based on different audiences and communication needs. In this process, we identified “key pages” and designed those pages with modules that could be reused and restyled across different pages of the site. The Key Pages helped create recommendations for how modules should work together and which modules best support different types of communications. This enabled the client to have more customization as there were no set-page templates. Additional customizations within the CMS were added at the module-level so there was flexibility for how information could be displayed. Module guidelines aided the marketing team for creating custom web art that fit each module. Ultimately, the system was extremely flexible in order to provide as much freedom to YCharts’ web team as possible.

Twelve rectangles colored according to the palette and an abstract blue shape used as a graphic element
Text listing the primary and secondary typefaces and a black "A" graphic for illustration
Selection of two types of iconography used for the brand


▪ Custom WordPress site with 23 modules to build custom page templates
▪ Migrated blog posts
▪ Integrated the site with HubSpot
▪ Site hosting

Selection of graphic components used on the website
Conceptual image demonstrating the customizable design of the site
Conceptual map showing the website's information architecture and page connections


Thanks to Selma Digital’s efforts, the client’s “Request a Demo” page became one of the five most visited on their site. The new site’s functionality saved the client time and received positive feedback. The team successfully managed several vendors and communicated well.

Illustrated conceptual image evoking the brand's voice and tone
Illustrated conceptual image evoking the brand's voice and tone