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How we structure our engagements to deliver return on investment.

At Selma Digital, we make sure we understand the nuances of your business, industry, and customers. Propelling your organization towards growth is our north star.

Plan Plan

We define project goals collaboratively with our clients, understanding the context of the project and expected outcomes. Typical outputs during this phase include interviews, workshops, and competitive analysis.

Plan Frame

We use audience and competitive research to ground our plans in the real world and unearth user insights.

Plan Design

Illustrations of design concepts are taken from low-fidelity to high-fidelity, while testing which solutions resonate with users and business stakeholders. We then refine concepts and visuals into a templated design system.

Plan Optimize

Before we finalize our concepts, we validate them one more time through soft launches and further user testing.

Plan Deliver

Functional design specifications, assets, and documentation are delivered to stakeholders and technology teams. During development, we support your team to ensure that the user experience is fully realized.

Plan Scale

We partner with you to help your digital ecosystem grow along with your business, platforms, or customer base.

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