Digital ecological journey

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Museum of Earth is an up-and-coming Los Angeles museum that allows visitors to experience the awe of nature while learning about how to help our changing climate.

Museum of Earth collaborated with Selma Digital to develop a 360* digital journey to increase museum awareness, attendance, and engagement.

Conceptual photographic selection of the brand's voice & tone

What was the process like for developing the digital experience?

Starting with key proto personas for different visitor demographics and psychographics, we focused on targeting the visitors who were most likely to share and evangelize the Museum of Earth experience. We designed the full museum-visitor journey, from awareness and engagement, to ticket purchase, through in-person visit, and post-visit engagement; all while ensuring that the brand identity resonated through the different digital experiences within the scenario journeys.

Diagram showing a portion of the application flow
Two business cards on a beige surface and a laptop displaying website design on a log in the forest

How did these digital experiences support the Museum of Earth brand?

The language, imagery, content, and context all are aligned around the Museum of Earth brand. The journey we designed focused on finding moments of opportunity between brand values and meeting our visitors where they are at. That means looking to grass-roots community engagement as well as social media opportunities to bring like minds together and help encourage a transformative and educational experience. Multi-pronged marketing campaigns and Museum events lead to increased website traffic, and a frictionless ticket checkout experience keeps their ticket in their mobile wallet.

Post-visit, the Museum of Earth app allows visitors to further engage with the content at the museum, connect with like-minded people, and connect with organizations all intending to help our planet.

Mobile screens of the application arranged on a green background
Mobile device displaying augmented reality functionality design