Specialty retail Branding

  • 1 UX Designer/Creative Director
  • 1 Art Director
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Photographer
  • Marketing Team & Leadership Team
  • Design Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Guidelines for brand suite
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Industry
  • Retail
  • 4 Months

Flute Center approached Selma Digital to evolve their brand identity, specifically their logo. The Flute Center of New York was changing their name to Flute Center, as they were expanding into cities outside of NYC.

We leaned into the unique spirit of the Flute Center to create a monogram and wordmark pair that felt modern and provided a heritage feel The polished typography, a vibrant color system, and a set of custom graphics all position the Flute Center as a fresh-faced leader in the classical music community.
We’re proud to have been awarded a Bronze Indigo Design Award for our work for the Flute Center.

Brand logo on a black background and arm holding a black tote bag with the brand identity
Brand advertisement poster on a subway wall displaying a photo of a flute and brand logo

How did you define the brand’s core values, mission, and vision?

In meeting with the Flute Center team to learn more about their organization, we were able to get at the brand’s essence: the best place in the world to purchase your flute. In studying the audience we learned about professionals and students from across the globe, of all different backgrounds and cultures, coming together in their passion for the flute. Ultimately, we wanted the Flute Center brand to reflect the audience – friendly, inclusive, and musical.

What design principles and visual elements informed the new brand identity (e.g., logo, color palette, typography)?

A hand-drawn calligraphic monogram is leveraged to identify with the heritage of the classical music industry and sophistication and practice that is needed to achieve something – like a beautiful musical performance. The monogram is paired with a sans serif wordmark that references the original logo, but set in Weave, the choice is contemporary and modern. Key color pairings with a broader color palette makes it easy for the marketing team to make their communications stand out while also remaining on brand and consistent with the new FC identity.

Brand logo on a red background

How did the visual identity connect to the brand strategy and target audience?

The updated brand and identity was reinvigorated and refreshed the FC brand. We wanted to honor the diversity in the flute community, and the different types of music that flutists can play. Leveraging color and a completely custom mark aligns with the target audience’s aspirations for uniqueness, creativity, and musical passion.

Two street billboards displaying photos of a flute and the brand logo, one in New York City and the other in Chicago

Selection of pictograms designed for brand identity


▪ Logo and Monogram for print and digital
▪ Stationary set
▪ Brand guidelines which include logo usage guidelines, typography system, color system, secondary graphics, and photography

Two photos of flutes on pink and green backgrounds
Typographic composition displaying words related to flutes and the brand


Flute Center customers love the brand update. The feedback is highly positive from customers and industry associates. The brand guideline saves the team time. Since all members of the marketing team are aligned with the direction of the brand guidelines, content creators and team leads no longer churn over asset creation.

Green t-shirt with the brand logo
Nine screenshots of pages extracted from the brand guidelines
Laptop on an orange desk displaying website design and two business cards on a beige surface